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QUErful honey

The natural habitats for honey bees have directly inspired the hand-made exclusive necklaces in the QUE line of body ornaments called Honeycomb.

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Happy birthday to us!

It’s been quite a momentous week at the QUE Design Studio. This is mostly because we have been celebrating the first year since the studio was established on St Edward Street in Qormi.

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The Postman Always Rings Twice

If would like us to design a letterbox for your place of business or home just contact us and we’ll create one specifically for you: in the colour you like and containing the appropriate wording (or even just a number) that fits your specific needs.

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There’s a rather strong connection between QUE as a brand and music as a creative form of expression. We have been involved with music and musicians for quite some time and count some musicians and singers as our greatest friends and collaborators. QUE is undoubtedly a great supporter of the Maltese music scene.

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You’re invited to attend…

The 25th of September is the day we have picked to enable you to come share with us the official opening of our studio space in Qormi. If you would like to attend this event, please contact us by Thursday 24 September 2015. We hope to see you there!

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PubliQUE holidays

Today is Malta’s Independence Day. We believe that Independence should certainly be a day without work, as much as possible. Although we understand that this is rather impossible in today’s economy, we at QUE have decided to take the day off. Well, almost.

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EASA Links collaborates with QUE

A question put forward in a dark room in the heart of the Valletta bastions, which kicked off a collaboration between QUE and the Urban Jewellery workshop at EASA Links this year….

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Flora Clutch Bag by QUE

Get yourself a Flora Clutch Bag

While our Exclusive Collection of bags is not be for everyone, we also have a limited edition bag to suit those who want to introduce themselves to the joy of owning a uniQUE bag…

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Tiara by QUE

SparQUE for your special one

He asked for a sparkly tiara unlike those available through other online retail websites for a few euros. His inspiration: the elves depicted in classics like the Lord of the Rings…

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sparkles at the studio

SparQUEly Surprise

Think of water for a minute. Sparkling water is rather special. However, few people know that sparkling water also occurs naturally…

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