QUE DESIGN STUDIO specializes in the creation of bespoke couture products and accessories.

Founded and led by artist & designer Enrique Tabone, QUE focuses on the creation of products that adorn the body, also known as wearable art or “art to wear”, and associated accessories. QUE’s unique custom designs have already been enjoyed by many and displayed in numerous publications, including British Vogue, fashion shows and design events in various countries including Malta, the Netherlands, Turkey and Poland.

Our focus is on bespoke and limited edition items that combine fine art techniques with industrial methods.

Using this philosophy, we also design household lifestyle products, providing specific design and creative project management services.

Enrique Tabone
photo by Ali Bosios



Our mission is to find a way of playfully reshaping the merely functional into a delightfully crafted experience.

The overall goal is to give all our attention to you as an individual, making each piece unique for you.




QUE by Enrique

Specialising in Plexiglass

Fine Art techniques | Industrial Methods


Bespoke and limited edition items


Online and in Malta, Valletta

After sale Service

email us on [email protected]
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